Assisted Stretching

Assisted Stretching & Flexibility Training

Assisted Stretching & Flexibility Training

The most established and obvious benefit of stretching is to help improve flexibility and range of motion.

Practitioner Assisted Stretching is a widely used method of stretching by today’s athletes, massage therapist, personal/athletic trainers, and professionals.

This safe and extremely effective stretching technique is performed by a licensed physical therapist or a physical therapist aid in our clinic; it helps to

increase mobility to ensure good health and well-being for a better quality of life. It also helps restore balance and resilience to the entire body as well as play a central role in the process of enhancing flexibility, strength, and overall health of both joints and soft tissues.

Practitioner assisted stretching helps to relief symptoms of diseases such as MS, MD, Parkinsons and Diabetes as well as Frozen Shoulder Syndrome, IT Band Syndrome (ITB) and Plantar Fasciitis

Benefits of Practitioner Assisted Stretching:

  • Increased joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Stress relief and quiet mind
  • Pain relief in your lower back, neck and shoulders, particularly
  • Relief of stiffness and soreness
  • Better posture
  • Increased blood circulation and less water retention

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