There is a place that you might not know about if you live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and it is Bay View Park. Bay View Park is a beautiful park where you can enjoy the coastal landscape and get some fresh air; it’s also perfect for bird watching! There are plenty of activities to do at Bay View, such as biking, running, fishing, or playing catch with your dog. The best time to visit Bay View Park is during sunrise or sunset, when the scenery is at its most captivating beauty. Bay View Park is the perfect place to get some exercise while enjoying nature. Bay View Park is located near Galt Ocean Mile shops, restaurants, and hotels; it’s also very close to Fort Lauderdale beach. Learn information about Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Bay View Park is a beautiful waterfront public space in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The area was once an Army landfill and has now been transformed into Bay View Park, with nature trails winding through coastal plants such as sea grapes and mangroves. One of the main features of Bay View Park is that they offer kayak rentals for visitors to explore this wonderful urban waterway system along with other areas around Port Everglades. There are several options available to suit your needs: hourly rental starting from $20 per hour, half-day rental (four hours or less) starting from $40, and multi-day rates also offered depending on how long you would like to keep them. Discover facts about Anglins Fishing Pier in Fort Lauderdale, FL: Enjoy the Waterfront.