Whole Body Cryotherapy In Fort Lauderdale


Cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures in medical therapy. The term “cryotherapy” comes from the Greek cryo (κρύο) meaning cold, and therapy (θεραπεία) meaning cure.
Whole body Cryotherapy (WBC) was developed in Japan by Dr. Yamaguchi in 1978 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. In the years to follow, WBC has been proven to be a powerful treatment for soft tissue pain, inflammatory disorders and injuries, fibromyalgia, psoriasis as well as to help increase metabolism and revitalize the skin.
Further studies in Europe over the last 3 decades have established this safe, non-invasive therapy to be one of the greatest tools for athletic recovery, pain management, overall health, beauty and wellness.


The Cryosauna uses gasiform nitrogen to lower your skin temperature. The treatment lasts 2 to 3 minutes in which the temperature of the chamber ranges from -238*F to -274*F; during this time the blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissue constrict, forcing blood away from the peripheral tissues and toward your core. In the core, the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood. Once you exit the cryosauna, the filtered blood flows back the peripheral tissues; being cleaner and enriched with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes.

The days following this treatment will consist of a process of restoration by the body, which will help you recover from workout soreness, injuries as well as reduce inflammation (see article of diseases cause by inflammation below), boost energy and improve your overall health.


It depends on the condition being treated, if you have a systematic condition (one that affects a number of organs and tissues, or affects the body as a whole) 7-10 treatments in close succession (separated by 1-2 days ex: 3x week) are recommended to maximize your results. After that you can take fewer treatments further apart to maintain and improve your condition. (ex: one a week)

Here are some approximately guidelines for selected conditions:

  • Arthritis: 10-20 sessions
  • Joint Pain: 5-10 sessions
  • Fibromyalgia: at least 10 sessions
  • Weightloss: 30 sessions (burning 500-800 each session)
  • Athletic and Workout Recovery: as needed (as fast as 1 session, Enhance Sports Performance)
  • Injury and Accident Recovery: as needed

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-Marie P.

“As a medical professional myself, finding this amazing PT and Cryotherapy office has been a lifesaver! Unlike other crowded/large physical therapy centers this unique office offers a friendly, private and professional setting. The cryotherapy I receive has been incredible for relieving my chronic neck and leg issues. It also has been therapeutic for my age related aches and pains! This office is affordable and scheduling appointments is never a problem. I look forward to going knowing I will be greeted by their knowledgeable, always smiling, professional staff every visit!  More impressive is that I always leave their office with a smile on my face!” 

-Larissa T.

“Joan is amazing and so sweet! They fit me right away and I had a great cryotherapy. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to pick me up on a rest day for faster recovery. Super nice staff and very attentive. Can’t wait to see the results!” 



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