Neck & base of head pain had been constant and increasing. Between anti-inflammation cream and Physical Therapy within days pressure was relieved and pain definitely decreasing. Now just pressure and ache sometimes, movement has increased. Shoulder was severely painful many days my arm just had to “hang”. I got a shot and physical therapy, the back of my shoulder is SO MUCH BETTER, no pain most times! The front of shoulder is still “crunching” but much better; it’s sore sometimes but has great movement. Anthony and Giovanna have been ABSOLUTELY efficient, gracious, and wonderful! Great experience if you need Physical therapy.

- Jane Casoria

When I started, my knee motion was stiff and the incision started forming scar tissue.
Anthony’s work and massage got the scar tissue soft and it healed. Anthony is AMAZING and I
would recommend him to anyone!

- Gwendolyn Davis

I came here experiencing painful spasms in my back. It impacted all aspects of my life, especially my
work. My doctor had tried numerous medications with no result and finally suggested physical
therapy THANK GOODNESS! From the very first appointment with Anthony the pain was better and
continued to subside until now- IT’S ALL GONE!! Anthony is wonderful and makes the experience so
easy. Giovanna with her welcoming smile, always made me feel good. All in all a wonderful
experience! I would recommend Physical Therapy Group of Florida to everyone.

- Sheila Morris

My experience here was great, helpful and friendly. Definitely would recommend to
everyone. The one-on- one is great. I couldn’t do anything with my right wrist and hand, now
it is almost perfect and back to normal. Thank you for all your help, care, concern and great
personality. A pleasure meeting you both!

- Mary Henry

“The physical therapy was wonderful. Had trouble reaching over my head, in cabinets,
and high shelves and that pain has gone away almost completely. Also, no pain sleeping
at night in my shoulders. Thank you so much for the caring attitude.”

- Richard Schaffer


Cryotherapy has changed my life! Living with RA can be difficult at times, but weekly cryo sessions help me recover when flare ups do occur. Giovanna is kind and knowledgeable and makes the experience fun. Their office is clean and welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for Cryotherapy!

– Liz

Upon stepping out of the capsule the pain is gone! Instant relief and endorphins rush feels outstanding! Burns calories too – I had no idea. 1st Class Physical Therapy office and staff. Thank you!!

– Lyn

Extraordinary Service! Caring, friendly staff! I suffer from knee osteoarthritis (formed after 11 years of military service) and have experienced profound relief with Cryotherapy offered here. A truly healing environment filled with wonderful people- I highly recommend.

– Jerry

The Staff is the kindest and most knowledgeable in the business! The Cryotherapy tank that they use is brand new and the coldest one I have ever been in! Remarkable results for my shin splints and after gym muscle aches! I will definitely be back to buy a package deal!

– Limor

I have had chronic lower back pain due to herniated discs and had tried many things to relieve pain but nothing worked…after my first whole body Cryotherapy session I had some major relief, it has improved my quality of life immensely.

– Troy

As a distance runner I’m always dealing with nagging injuries but doing Cryotherapy at Physical Therapy Group of Florida has changed the way I looked at my injuries and my recovery. First time I tried it I was impressed, felt great and energized, next day I wasn’t in the pain I was the day before as it accelerated the healing process. I now stop by whenever I nee dot heal from hard training sessions or to get ready for a race. It only took 3 minutes and you feel amazing afterwards.

- Franny