Pain & Recovery Package In Fort Lauderdale


Fact: Flexibility is integral to strength, if you don’t have full range of motion you will not gain strength. Any of these pain and recovery packages will tremendously help with increased flexibility, pain relief and healing from injury.

We have put together these packages to help you recover and relieve pain much faster.

The best part, WE do all the work and YOU receive all the benefits.

What to expect:

1. Come to your appointment 5 minutes before to fill out paperwork

2. The practitioner will ask you which are your areas of concern.

Please choose from:

  • Full body stretch: Spine neutral Upper and lower extremity stretches. Benefits: Great for overall flexibility. Decrease injury potential, use better mechanics, better blood flow and nutrition to joints, limit arthritic damage, be better able to accomplish yoga poses and participate in other forms of exercise, Feel rejuvenated.
  • Focused Lower extremity stretch: Focused Lower extremity stretches for more concentration and improvement in flexibility. Especially good for runners, dancers, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball players, and cyclers.
  • Focused Upper extremity stretch: Focused Upper extremity stretches for more concentration and improvement in flexibility. Especially good for musicians or sports that emphasis the upper extremity, such as throwing and swinging. Is also corrective for forward posture.

3. Ask your practitioner what stretches you can do at home to help your concerns and prevent injury.
Kenesio Tape Application available for an additional charge.

Do you have pain when you lift your shoulder above 90 degrees or above your head?
If you said yes to any of these, then one of these packages is for you!


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Dennis D

“I would just like to recommend the Physical Therapy Group of Florida and Cryo Health for their outstanding therapy services and practice on my recent back surgery. The staff exhibited a high understanding and professional approach to restoring my physical ability. The therapeutic practice that was performed made a tremendous difference to my recovery. Also, prepare yourself for a warm family atmosphere during your personal therapy sessions. Everyone on staff offers complete empathy with a sense of caring concerning your post-surgical or accident needs.”

Marissa D

“I am so, so grateful to have found this place! When I first called to make an appointment, I was in almost constant pain, barely able to walk, and worried I’d need surgery or have to deal with back pain forever. Less than three months later, I’m running again and feeling so much better. Thanks to Michael, Joan, and everyone else for being so kind, welcoming, and helpful.”